Copa de Crimbo Captains Report


Apologies for the lateness of this report, Christmas and New Years got in the way!

The 22nd of December saw Birmingham Ultimate travel to Nottingham for the festively named Copa de Crimbo!

The Team:

  • Jack O’Mahony
  • Dom Hudson
  • Sam Billingham
  • Ibby ‘Bad Man’ Motosho
  • Carl Bullingham (Saturday only)
  • Becca Haslam(Saturday only)
  • Mat Seabrook
  • Ro Pullen (Sunday only)
  • Ben Hathaway(Sunday only)


Game 1: Lost to Om Nom Nom
Our first game of the day was against a very skilful Om Nom Nom team, we started off with the distinct disadvantage of only having 4 members of the team present, thankfully Lola agreed to pick up for us so we would be able to put up a bit of a fight! After conceding the first 3 points, Calvary in the shape of Carl and Becca arrived to give Lola’s legs a rest. Once we had a couple of subs this game became a lot closer, we would eventually lose by 3 points, had we had a full team from the off set this result could have gone the other way!

Game 2: Lost to Ugly Ducklings
Swansea are always an unknown quantity, you are never certain if they’re at a tournament to win some games or to win the party, this weekend would definitely prove to be the former! Bolstering their ranks with some Mwnci See players Swansea were on form! Sloppy play from ourselves allowed them to take advantage of our mistakes and get ahead and stay ahead, late in the game Mat finally turned up but by this point it was already too late and we couldn’t pull off the comeback! Highlight of the match was an incredible lay out by ‘Bad Man’ for a score that otherwise would have gone wide out the pitch!

Game 3: Lost to Rehab
Rehab always pose a challenge whenever they enter a tournament, and this team would prove to be no different! Finally starting a game with a full team this game was tight all the way through, as a team we definitely played much better than we had the previous two games, and we were in danger of winning the match near the end, however rehab just held on to the lead and won by one point! It’s was a positive game and we felt confident going into the next few games!

Game 4: Won against Flyght Club
Coming from a close defeat to Rehab we were looking for a win in this game, and we certainly got what we came for! Sadly our victory would be bittersweet as Becca would end up being injured during the game leaving us a (wo)man down! We kept held of our early lead throughout the second half of the game and won comfortably! We played well as a team this game, taking the long shots when they were on and working the disc under well when they weren’t!

Game 5: Won against Cloudbase
After a convincing win, despite the injury, against Flyght Club we were keen to use the momentum gained to net us our second win of the day. We succeeded in turning over Cloudbase with some impressive D play and made the most of the turnovers with some sharp looking offence, beating Cloudbase fairly convincingly. By this point we had turned a corner as a team and were confident that we could go on to win out the rest of the day!

Game 6: Won against Some Team
Between our win against Cloudbase and the start of the Some Team game Becca had to be taken to hospital accompanied by Carl, leaving us with 5 players for the remainder of the day! Knowing we were up against tough opposition everyone worked their hardest and we ran some hard man defence, despite the lack of fresh legs, and made sure we scored quickly after forcing the turnover! We managed to keep hold of our lead, even after fatigue set in, and we snuck the win! After our third consecutive win we were looking for the upset win in our final game of the day!

Game 7: Lost to Brizzlekicks
Having played Brizzlekicks at regionals only a few weeks prior we knew what to expect, a young, athletic team that rely on their iso and welcome the one on one match up in the end zone! We succeeded in slowing down their iso and anticipated the switch to a weave allowing us to take the lead and keep hold of it through the majority of the game, however Brizzlekicks were never too far behind us and as fatigue kicked in our opposition didn’t let up, allowing them to score a few in quick succession during the last few minutes of the game giving them the win! This was hands down our best performance of the day and despite a last minute defeat we were pleased with how we played, and felt that had we had another player we could have won this as well!

Game 1: Loss to Danger! High Voltage
Fresh with reinforcements, we knew this game was going to be tough and came out fighting. The game was pretty even in the early stages and we repeatedly worked the disc well through their zone and forced them into man D. A couple of slick O points later they reverted to zone, this was the first time over the weekend that we had played against a prolonged zone and the lack of practice combined with their experience showed, in clinical style they punished any mistakes we made pulling out a lead and holding out for the win. Overall we were happy though and pushing them away from their preferred zone was a complement to our play. Once we were behind we maybe got a little desperate and played into their hands with some deep shots that didn’t come off, so we had things to work on for the next game.

Game 2: Won against 1, 2, Hammer!
Not really sure what to expect we went into this game knowing what we wanted to improve on from the first game of the day. For our first few O points, we did exactly that keeping calm on the disc and using our dump and swing really well we got a bit of lead on the board, but they slowly brought it back to within a couple of points. We stepped up our intensity on D for the last part of the game; creating numerous turnovers and shutting down their main players enough to get the win with some nice O points thrown in.

Game 3: Loss to St. Albans
Another bit of an unknown team, they really made the most of us being lazy in the first few points pulling out a couple of points before we started to play. Our O was particularly poor for the first few points, however our D cranked up the pressure on their handlers and they resorted to risky long discs that they were bringing down. We slowly got ourselves a foothold in the game and started to play our game a little more, but we allowed a couple of marginal calls to disrupt our flow and with that they maintained their lead. With the disc we got more and more desperate taking long shots that were not on and allowing them a comfortable end to the game. It was disappointing to lose by such a margin to a team that we felt we should have been a lot closer to.

Game 4: Won against Amoral Skimpiness
Determined to make amends for our last game, we again started well. We had some nice flow on offence and our D was working well and pressurising them consistently. There were a couple of times it looked like we might start to pull out a lead but they stayed with us, their long game keeping them close. As the buzzer neared they drew level and both teams were pushing hard to win, a turnover near their endzone allowed us to set up, and with about 10 seconds left we scored with a pretty sketchy disc. As small as the margin was it was a well deserved victory that set us up for the 7v8.

Game 5: (7v8) Loss to Flyght Club
The last game of the weekend was against an improved Flyght Club with a few extras from yesterday. We started out well, trading points and eventually going a break up. However we then started to get a little complacent and sloppy and allowed them to come back into the game. They fought hard and brought the game back level, forcing us into some deep play that didn’t come off. As the time ticked down and we were still behind we again got desperate and started playing the long game. Our deep shots caused them problems but they reacted to close them out, and we started once again to play our dump and swing, combined with some intense D. By the final minute we had closed in to only one point behind and were pushing for an equaliser, but the clock was against us and they just managed to hold out, edging us into 8th place.

Despite a few disappointing losses, everyone had a great time and we learnt a lot as a team. To top it all off, we were voted as most spirited team taking home a bottle of vodka to share and Lookfly spirit dog tags for each team member!

Birmingham Ultimate