Lucre Captains Report


The 9th of February saw Birmingham Ultimate travel to Coventry for the anual Charity tournament held by the Leamington Lemmings!

The Team:

  • Ro Pullen
  • Mat Seabrook
  • Rebecca Haslam
  • James Boswell
  • Dan Jackman
  • Joe Gardiner
  • Paul Holden
  • Russell Bold
  • Ryan Mead

Game 1: Lost to DUFFA

Although they arrived with seconds to spare DUFFA started well and surprised us a little. They had clearly played together a lot and this greater chemistry helped them pull out a little lead on us. As we got a bit more familiarised with each others playing styles we started to pull ourselves back into the game, shutting down some of their flow with the disc, but the short pool games didn’t allow us to quite bring the game back enough and they held on to win a competitive first game.

Game 2: Win against Evolution 2

We used the momentum we had built in our first game to come out of the blocks quickly, which coupled with the inevitable mis-matches allowed us to pull out a lead that we could comfortably see the game out with. We ventured into some zone D in this game which helped us shut down their offence for periods before switching back to man and taking the game away with some nice O points.

Game 3: Lost to Hot Snatch

We knew that a tough game against the top seeds was awaiting us here, and they didn’t disappoint. Their zone D was tough to break through – especially once they had collapsed into the wall – but we kept our composure early on and broke through a few times. A slight adjustment on D by them caused us to re-think and caused a couple of careless mistakes on O. The resulting turnovers were swiftly punished and put us a couple of points down, once they were ahead we couldn’t quite make up the gap eventually losing by one or two.

Game 4: Won against Lemmings

After finishing third in our group but feeling like we deserved more we went into this crossover determined to make up for the mistakes that cost us in the pool games. Unfortunately for Lemmings that meant that we started well and maintained an intensity on D that had been laking previously. We shut down their O and ours began to connect better than our earlier games, giving us a good lead. As they got a little more desperate with the disc we continued to play our game and ended up winning 9-0 (I think!).

Game 5: Lost to Hot Snatch

A rematch of our earlier group game, and after our good victory last game we were keen to make amends for the loss before. It showed and we raced into a 2-0 lead, only for some mistakes against the zone to creep back in and allow them to get in the game. Every mistake was crucial as they normally scored within about 10 seconds of us turning over – taking advantage of the fact that their zone D often left them free if we did turnover. We had to get a little more risky with our throws and after a few didn’t come off we were left trailing by three or four points closing in on the end of the game. However we made a spirited fight back in the last few minutes – playing speedy but not as risky as earlier in the game we scored two or three in row and made the last few minutes interesting. But it turned out we were a little late with our fight back and we couldn’t catch them before the end – losing by a similar margin to our previous game.

Game 6: Won against DUFFA

Just like the previous game this was a rematch of a pool game that we wanted to win. We started slowly and allowed them a few points again, before getting our D going and stopping their flow from taking over. We had to battle to get back into the game with no points coming easy but we did so and drew back even. They responded by stepping up a gear and we traded for a few points before we managed to get the break and take a two point lead. They didn’t give it up easily and made us work but we just managed to hold on – winning by a single point. Both games against DUFFA were close ones and as often happens we’d split the matches one each, luckily for us we came out on top in the one that mattered and we finished a well earned third!

Overall we were happy with our play – especially as some team members had only met that morning before being thrown onto the pitch! We had definitely improved as team and were playing well by then end of the day, pushing the eventual winners (Hot Snatch) all the way in our semi-final. I certainly enjoyed the day, and the accompanying raffle yielded some success for a couple of our team – what’s more all profits from this tournament go to Cancer Research UK, good work everyone!

Birmingham Ultimate