Midlands Winter League 1 Captains Report



So…this has been a long time coming. I may not remember everything exactly as it happened but hopefully you’ll get the gist.

It begins on a brisk Sunday morning late in January…

A rag tag bunch of ultimate players are up early to make the short journey to the city of guns and…more guns, Nottingham. However, this motley crew are not looking to go toe to toe with the local gangs and mobster, but pit their wits and skill with a disc against some of the best Midlands Ultimate has to offer. This is winter league 1!

For the small team from the lazy town of Birmingham this was the acid test. Their first outdoor tournament.

As they arrived, their competitors were already locked in fierce battle, but this did not deter the brave men and woman of Birmingham Ultimate! They set about warming up, walking onto the free pitch as if they owned it, or had at least paid to play on it. But would they be game ready?

The team:

  • Ben Kings
  • Jack O’Mahony
  • Mat Seabrook
  • Joe Gardiner
  • Paddy Quigley
  • Becca Haslam
  • Richard Hammond
  • Tom Howe
  • Simon Trebilcock
  • Andrei Mandzuk
  • Dave Robertson
  • Carl Bullingham

Game 1: Lost to Jesters

A tough initiation into the world of outdoor ultimate for the fledgling team from The Second City and no mistake. But they took to the challenge with spirit, fight and a certain panache not seen on these fields for many a year.
The young men (and woman) of Birmingham Ultimate had been tasked with putting points on the board, and this is what they did. Trading with one of the more feared ultimate teams in the region until the game was finely poised at 8-8.

Alas, it was not to be. Their ability to mix up the Offense when they were struggling allowed them to put some quick points on the board and the boys in blue (well will be) fell to an 11-8 defeat.

But this was not the end of the tale…

Game 2: Lost to Emo 2

Next up, one of the top open teams in the country and Birmingham Ultimate were fired up! The goal again, to put points on the board and make them work hard on O.

A courageous fight ended 13-8 to EMO. The Birmingham O worked really well but the D was just not enough against their break throws and quick passes. In future, being able to mix up the D will bring more turns in a game like this.

A valiant effort indeed and it was decided by all that this was the best game of the day.

Game 3: Won against NTU

A tenacious game which the plucky Birmingham Boys knew they win. Long drawn out points, turn overs aplenty but our boys ground out a win, the first of the outdoor season!

All could not help but think that had they played this game earlier in the day it would have been a much easier game. But a win is a win, huzzah!!

Game 4: Lost to Warwick Bears

By this time BU were feeling the fatigue of previous battles; legs were tired, arms weak. The cold was beginning set in. But they played none the less. The 17 strong (approximately) Bears squad proved invaluable and they ran till the last. BU did all they could to keep up, but it was always going to be an uphill battle.

The game was lost but the day was a big win for Birmingham Ultimate. This captain in particular saw a lot of promise from that day and is optimistic for the future of Ultimate in Birmingham.

Jack O'Mahony

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