SIFL Captains Report


The 16th of February saw Birmingham conquer the Staffordshire Indoor Frisbee League in Stoke netting the club their first tournament win!

This tournament was re-arranged due to snow and we ended up with a reduced squad but we thought we could still challenge our first silverware.

The Team:

  • Ben Kings
  • Ro Pullen
  • Rob Flintham
  • Dan Jackman
  • Simon Trebilcock
  • Richard Hammond

Game 1: Won against STUFT 2

Having thought we had left with plenty of time to spare it was decided on the way that we (Ro, Dan, and myself) would miss our exit off the motorway and spend a little more time taking in the sights. Norris was just late.

This gave Rich and Chunion the chance to show their true worth as they took on the mighty STUFT 2 by themselves. And show their worth they did, racing into a 1-0 lead and forcing a turn on D with an impressive two man zone. Although STUFT managed to score, eventually, the Rich and Chun show had done enough to tire them for the arrival of the rest of the team.

Quick change of shirt and shoes for most and we were on and straight into the flow of things. Mixed up the D throughout the game and STUFT 2 were never a threat.

Game 2: Won against Airwolf

After a massive three game gap we were back on and carried on where we left off. Goals were scored, fewer were conceded. Another comfortable win and Birmingham Ultimate were fast becoming the tournament favourites.


More exciting than the Frisbee going on around us were the epic games of perudo played to pass the time. Norris, Chun and Rich were new to the game but took to it like ducks to water, assuming the ducks had armbands the first time round and still struggled.

More daring raises you will never see, challenges left right and centre. The crowd were enthralled, cheering, whooping, booing. This put us on just the high we needed for our next game against another top team…

Game 3: Won against Flying Aces

Many believed these would be our most competitive opponents but they did not show it in this game. Our calm, composed offense against their zone didn’t give them a hint of a turn over and our aggressive man D lead to them having to throw it long on stall 6 or 7.

This put us 1st seeds and the trophy was in sight.

More perudo was played and this almost became our undoing. Things started turning ugly, raises became aggressive, needless challenges were thrown around, people losing dice as if they had started with 6. Everyone wanted this more than the trophy on offer…but nobody knows who won.

Game 4: Won against Skimmers

They insisted on playing zone for the whole game. An error, we were now adept at playing against weak zones. We turned them often, and scored regularly, they did not.

Game 5: Won against Airwolf

Another enjoyable game against a friendly team. They were lacking in experience but showed some promise. We mixed up our D all over the shop, zone, man, zone. Crazy. But it worked.

A change of game now, Jungle Speed! From what I saw of this Ro bullied Norris and Rich, Dan could have been out soon after and nobody won.

Game 6: Won against Flying Aces

After our first game against Flying Aces they vowed to ‘bring it’ if we played them in the final. And bring it they did, ‘it’ was everywhere. They came out flying (hehe), much closer on D and sharper on O. We still forced the turns and went 3-1 up. Points were traded until 6-4 us when a couple of turns and a few good grabs from them made it 6-6.

We started on O with around 2mins 30secs left. We stayed frosty and passed the disc around their zone with confidence for the remaining time. A cheeky pass over about 10cm saw us win the game, and deservedly so!

Everyone played really well, some great catches from Dan (MVP), good end zone work from Ro, nice puts from Norris, lovely break throws from Chunion and some top D from Rich. Great work from the later two for holding their own against 5!

And most importantly we have our first silverware!!!

Jack O'Mahony

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