Mixed Indoor Nationals Review

Brums Mixed Nats kicked off with a close call, with half the team failing to actually turn up on time for the first game. Luckily for Birmingham (and unluckily for others!) an earlier injury had delayed games by 20 minutes, allowing time for our stragglers to kit and psych up.

Brum came out calm and composed in the first game against Sneekys, casually trading points before the final push to victory; with all of our players being instrumental in Brums first victory at Nats (8-6).

Next on the road up the pool were Humpty Dumpty. An entertaining game to say the least, with the opposition having not played together as a team before, Brum took the win once again, 9-3.

After a bit of a long break, Brum came out slow to a fired up Cloud City team, suffering with a few early turns, before finally getting their act together to bring themselves back into the game. A strong Cloud City zone just managed to keep out our on-point offense, leaving the game all tied up at the final buzzer at 4-4.

Unfortunately, this complicated things massively, with teams in the pool not knowing who was where, until an inspirational quote from Carl Bullingham: “why don’t we just win everything?” This put Brums agitated minds to rest, and allowed us to blitz the first few points of our next game vs Affirmative Action. Brum maintained this early lead throughout game, winning rather comfortably against an athletic AA side (8-4).

Saturday’s final game was against the pools top seed, Guilford Ultimate. Despite the opposition protesting of being overseeded, Brum showed no mercy and took the victory 7-5 and with it the pool, qualifying for a top 8 position and flying straight into the quarter finals.

A good nights sleep and some enormous meals later, Brum arrived back at the venue for the afternoon quarter against the Giants of Flyght Club. Fortunately for Brum, the opposition couldn’t seem to get any momentum on the disc, leaving Birmingham to take the 9-2 win and move into the semi finals.

As is becoming the standard procedure for Birmingham at tournaments recently, we faced Dazed & Confused in the semis. And true to this tradition, a fiercely competitive game followed, with some great plays on both sides. After trading point for point, with time running out, Birmingham Ultimate took the game to sudden death, with an amazing score just before the buzzer. Unfortunately, Dazed’s clinical proficiency saw them over the line, taking their deserved place in the final (7-6).

That unfortunately left Brum in the 3v4 game, against SMOG. With both teams being a little dejected after their respective semi final losses, the game started off slow, but with SMOG gaining the upper hand early on. Patience on the disc combined with an unstoppable end zone game enabled them to keep us out of the game, taking a relatively comfortable 9-6 win.

Overall, despite missing a few ‘key players’, Brum went to Mixed Nats and showed why we’re making a name for ourselves as one of the big upcoming teams in the country. Very happy with their 4th place finish!

And here’s the footage of that 3v4 game against SMOG – some tired legs and minds making some mistakes towards the end after a hard run tournament, but some lovely play in there as well! Oh, and keep an eye out (the MASSIVE red arrows that appear are helpful for this) for some spectacular grabs in the Final on the other pitch!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzkQ6-7YXHI&w=560&h=315]

— Ollie Tarr

Birmingham Ultimate