Mixed Tour 2 Review

After a disappointing Mixed Tour 1 – where we finished tied-33rd due to the final games effectively being cancelled on account of the weather – we went to MT2 in Salford with a bit of a point to prove, and mostly just hoping that the weather was better so we could play some actual Frisbee this time around.
Due to some drop-outs and movement above us we started seeded 25th, in what looked like a decent group with ABH, York City Ultimate and Manchester ‘2’ (they ended up finishing above Manchester ‘1’).

First up were the top seeds in the pool: ABH. You could tell it was the first game of the weekend, the first few points were pretty scrappy and we took a while to get into the game. Once we did get going we went a few points up and started to go through the gears. Dan got himself a Callahan with a great lunge that no-one saw coming (later dubbed the ’CallaDan’), and from there we never really looked back, going on to win 14-9 with some nice play.

Next up were York who – sporting a few familiar faces – we knew weren’t to be taken lightly. We started much better however, getting an upwind break to take a 1-0 lead. We kept up the pressure on D restricting their long game and trapping them in their own endzone for periods of the game. Eventually this pressure had to tell and Ro was rewarded with a Birthday Callahan. The game felt close all the way to the end, but before we knew it we had taken another win, 15-6.

Our final game was against the bottom seed in the pool – Manchester 2. A bit of unknown quantity coming into the weekend, we’d heard rumours of Chevron players and their results thus far seemed to back the stories up. The first few points they definitely stamped a bit of authority on the game taking a decent lead into half. At this point however we seemed to realise that we could win this game and we reeled off 8 or 9 points on the bounce to take the lead before time expired and we went into the cap. After such a great comeback we lost our composure a little bit and seemingly forgot how to play against zone D. We gave them the disc on 3 or 4 points in a row and they didn’t need a second chance, playing almost exclusively through the Chevvy guys they tied it up and won it in sudden death 12-11, as we gave them the disc again and again. A disappointing way to end, but we had shown what we were capable of in the middle of the game.

Those results meant we finished second in the group behind Manchester, constricting us to the 21-28 bracket on Sunday.

Having played Saturday with only four women, we got a welcome boost when Jassy (just about!) arrived in time for our first game on Sunday against Curve. They play a similar style to us and it was pretty even early on, before they took a lead as we started to labour over simple things. As the game went on we found our groove and roared back to take the half, and the momentum going into the second half. We continued to execute well on O and exert some good pressure on D. I have to mention here that we got another Callahan in this game, and it was the best of the lot! Carl laying out to intercept a swing pass and send the crowd wild! With that we had a healthy lead as the time expired, but once again we took our foot off the pedal and let them back into it. However, this time around we had the composure to stick another goal in and take a deserved 13-11 win.

Next up in the 22v23 semi final were Flyght Club, a team we know well from all our regional tournaments. After the somewhat unconvincing end to our last game, we came out in this one and everything clicked as we knew it could. Unfortunately for them it meant that we were getting turnovers on D, weren’t making many mistakes on O and didn’t let up once we had the lead, making off with a big 15-1 win.

That meant that the 21v22 final was up next, against the guys we know well over at Brizzle Kicks, and also a repeat of the 21v22 final at MT2 last year! This was a backwards and forwards game with both teams having the momentum at different points, but neither being able to fully pull away from the other. We had a slim lead as the time expired and we had many chances to end it, but we just tried to force it a little bit once we’d done the hard work to get to their endzone line, throwing away multiple times before they scored to take it to sudden death. After a lot of effort in the final point, it was settled by a massive huck from them that we just didn’t have the legs left to chase down. And we fell to another 12-11 sudden death loss to finish 22nd overall.

Another great weekend then; 3 places gained from our starting seed, 3 Callahans scored and plenty of Spikeball played. What’s not to like?

Full results can be found here.

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