Brum Break Top 16!

MT3 Team

After a disappointing Mixed Tour 1, followed by a good recovery at Mixed Tour 2, the stage was set for Brum to push on a finally get into the top 16 bracket of Mixed Tour.

A few dropouts and a bit of movement meant that we started the weekend seeded 18th; the top seed in our pool from the 17-32 bracket. In our group we landed with Sneeekys (who beat us at MT1), JR2 and Steal (who beat us last year), so we definitely had some work to do to secure top spot and get the crossover into the top 16.

First up were JR2, like their first team they were happy to put discs up and let the receivers chase them down. Unfortunately for them, the wind made this difficult and we clamped down on D to take away their options. With the disc we had a few teething problems but battled through a couple of the early points to take a lead that we’d never give back, eventually running away with the game 15-3.

Next up were Sheffield Steal, another team with big throws that weren’t afraid to use them. After trading the first few points we started to increase the pressure on defence, consistently generating turnovers. Initially we struggled to convert on the turns; even our downwind scores were taking a few attempts to put away. But in the end we got it together and started being a bit more clinical and pulled away to another win, 15-8.

We were looking to carry that momentum forward into the final pool game against Sneeekys. It was a scrappy, upwind/downwind game with some really long points, full of errors from both teams. These are the kinds of games we have struggled with in the past, when we can’t get any flow going, but this time we hung in there and ground out the points that would have got away from us previously. As the game wore on we started to take control of the game, making things easy for ourselves and getting across the line with another 15-8 victory.

That meant that we stayed top of the group and secured ourselves a chance to get into the top 16 against Shakedown (another team that beat us at MT1!).

After an evening filled with Carvery and Rebekah winning the Fantasy competition on the show game, we came back ready to take revenge for that defeat at Mixed Tour 1. It showed. We raced out to a lead that we never looked like surrendering. They tried a few things to slow us down but we kept our concentration and steamrolled our way to 15-1 win to make it into the top 16 of Mixed Tour for the first time.

With that emphatic victory we earned ourselves a rest while the other games in our bracket were reaching their conclusions to determine who we would be playing next. On the next pitch over Cambridge were 14-10 (?) up over York, with the winner being our next opponent. York then proceeded to score 3 or 4 in row and the comeback looked on!

Cambridge though, had other ideas and finally stuck in the point that won them the game and confirmed our semi-final matchup.

As their game had lasted so long we were a few minutes into the time when we got going, hoping that the rest we’d had would help us to make it into the 13v14 final. For the first few points they stuck with us, probably due to them still being in full game mode. In the middle part of the game however we made the most of our advantage to get a few breaks and set ourselves up for the win. With both teams starting to look weary towards the end of the game we took the first chance we had to end it, getting a 12-7 win and making it to the 13v14 game.

The last game of the weekend was against Shiny Happy Meeple, a team that we’re used to seeing further up the rankings. We got there early and had a good long warm up and it paid off in the first few points, managing to get a break early to go 2-0 up. From there though they came back into the game and made things hard for us, using a tight zone to slow us down, even when we were shooting downwind. In the end the early break proved crucial as we rode it out to a 13-10 win to take 13th place!

Although we didn’t realise it at the time, 13th place meant that we had won plate!

13th also got us enough points in the rankings to mean that we finished the 2015 Overall Mixed Tour Rankings in 15th, a great results for just our second ever Mixed Tour season!

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