Brum Qualify for Indoor Nationals!

At the beginning of December the Northern/Midlands Indoor Regional event was held in Coventry; we sent two teams – here’s the recap of Brum 1’s topsy-turvy tournament…

W vs Flick Move (10-3)
We started the tournament seeded 1st after our strong performance at nationals last year, looking again to qualify for nationals. As is our way, we started out slowly, but eventually got going and took a reasonably comfortable win to start the weekend.

L vs #geckos (8-6)
We had another sloppy start, but this time against a more ruthless opponent who took advantage of our mistakes. That meant we were always chasing the game and to be fair they gave us very few chances to get back into it. In trying to force the issue we made gave up the disc too often and they never panicked to see it out.

W vs Suckerpunch (9-6)
For once we get a good start! We jumped into a lead and held on to win, although we did make things hard for ourselves at times and it was clear that we weren’t as comfortable as we should’ve been.

W vs Black Sheep 2 (7-6)
After the previous game we started this game looking confident and playing some good stuff, for what felt like the first time of the day. But just as we should have been putting the game to bed, we had another wobble and before we knew it we’d let them back in and were staring sudden death in the face. Luckily we were able to take our chance and get the win.

L vs Lemmings 1 (7-8)
A fired up Lemmings team came out hard and took an early lead. Apparently chasing games isn’t our strong point as once again we made error after error when trying to force the points in. However, for the first time in the day we looked like we actually wanted to win a game and we were getting multiple turnovers every point. Despite not being particularly clinical with the disc we managed to tie it up, once again plunging into sudden death. The final point pretty much summed up the game; they started on O, we got a turn and couldn’t take advantage, giving them the disc back. This cycle happened maybe three times, before they scored to win the game and push us down to third in the pool. We just gave them too many opportunities with the disc.

W vs Flyght Club (8-7)
The third place finish in the pool meant we went into the crossovers as the 12th seed and took on Flyght Club in the 5v12. We started reasonably well but their long discs gave them a few quick points to keep the game level. Before we knew it we were into sudden death again, but this time we got ourselves the disc and put it away to claw our way back into the top 8.

So a bit of a up and down day, but at the end the important thing was that we were in the top 8, even though we hadn’t played particularly well – a result I’m sure we’d have taken at the beginning of the day.

W vs not>>> (9-7)
All that movement yesterday meant we were into the 4v5 quarter-final against ‘not>>>’ (i.e. Chevron). Rested and reinforced we went into this game with a pretty brave game plan. For the first couple of points it looked like a horrible plan, destined to fail spectacularly, as we turned the disc three or four times by forcing throws we wouldn’t normally take. But I’m happy to say we learned from these mistakes and from there on the strategy worked like a charm and we held on to take the game and a semi-final place!

W vs #geckos (7-6)
The win set up a rematch from the previous days’ pool game for spot in the final. Straight from the off, we made things harder for them than we had on Saturday and as a result the game was a lot closer. So close that once again we headed to sudden death, and for the third time this weekend we came out on top when it mattered to take our place in the final against S&L for the second year in a row.

L vs S&L Cartel (5-7)
We wanted to give a better account of ourselves than we did last year where we got completely outplayed and I like to think we did that. However we still struggled to shut down their long game and they did a great job of taking any opportunities; scoring from all over the pitch. We kept it close but they didn’t give us much to work with and saw out the game to take the regional title for the second year running.

After an out of character Saturday, we had brought things back on Sunday to somehow finish 2nd again and with it qualify for nationals for the third year running! A great result, but the weekend showed that we’ve got plenty to work on until then…


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