Mixed Tour 3 Recap


After a somewhat disappointing 17th place at Mixed Tour 2 we came into the weekend with something to prove. We had been given a reprieve by a dropout above us that meant we started in 16th place with an opportunity to get ourselves back up to the level we want to be at.

As the 16th seed we were put in a group with Cambridge 1 (9th), Glasgow 1 (11th) and ABH A (14th).

First up were Glasgow, who we played and lost to at Tour 1. The first few points of the game were scrappy with quite a few turnovers, reminiscent of the game at MT1. However this time, we slowly took control of the game; we began to hit our deep shots consistently whilst making them work hard for their O points. They kept the game close and kept pushing to the end, but we had built a lead that was too big and saw the game out 11-7.

For the next game we switched onto an upwind/downwind pitch against Cambridge. This resulted in them using a well drilled zone to slow us down, making us work hard to make any ground. They got a couple of turns as a reward and clinically made the most of them to earn a couple of breaks, before we started to come back into the game with some lovely flow against the zone. Unfortunately the lead was too big and despite getting a break or two back they had enough of a cushion to hold us off and take the game 10-13.

We were then straight back on against ABH, in a game that would decide which of us would get a chance to crossover into the top 8 on Sunday. As you’d expect from such a game it was really tight, and every time it looked like on team was taking the advantage the momentum would swing back the other way. It stayed that way right to the end and went all the way to sudden death at 10-10. The sudden death point was a long one with a couple of calls and a few turnovers from each team, but eventually the tried and tested Marius-to-MeshTM combination clicked for the score and with it the game.

Those results put us in second place in the group and gave us the shot at crossing up into the top 8 on Sunday morning, standing in our way were Mighty Hucks who were beaten semi-finalists at Mixed Tour 2.

They only had a small team in Cheltenham though and we went into the game thinking we had a real shot of taking them down. Due to their low numbers they were either playing poachy man or quite a passive zone on D and to begin with we struggled to make much ground despite keeping the disc for long periods. They understandably wanted to keep the points short and were happy to back their receivers with the disc, even when we had bodies underneath the throws. Despite this we were getting turnovers and also looking calm with the disc and once again we headed for sudden death, this time tied at 11s. They took their time though and managed to grind one more point out to take the win.

That put us into the 9-12 bracket, still in reach of a top 10 spot we had targeted at the beginning of the year. A Tour 2 rematch awaited us against Devon – and we took full advantage of the epic game they had just played. We came out of the blocks hard and never let them get a foothold in the game – starting off with a couple of D’s from Layout LeiaTM and not really letting up until we had taken them to 13-1. At this point they got a couple of points back but we closed out the game 15-3.

We took the momentum into the final game of the weekend – the 9v10 – against TBC, another team we had lost to at Tour 1. Despite the gap in the schedule we started well and got a couple of points lead reasonably early in the game. They showed signs of a fightback and the game never felt over, but we maintained the pressure and consistency to keep the scoreboard ticking over and all of a sudden we were within touching distance of the win. We didn’t let up and saw out the game to take a decisive 15-6 win and with it 9th place!

All in all this was a great way to finish the season and show what we can do. To top it off the overall standings have been updated and we managed to sneak into 10th place, which is our highest ever Mixed Tour finish!

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