MT2 Review: Brum 1


After a weekend of two halves at MT1 resulting in a decent 13th place finish, Brum 1 went to MT2 looking to show that we really belonged towards the top of the standings and make the most of our top 10 seeding thanks to a couple of dropouts above us.

In our way was a tough group! Devon, who did not enter MT1 but finished well last year. Bristol, who we had played at MT1 so would be hungry for revenge. And Sublumni, who started MT1 seeded towards the bottom but worked their way up to have a shot at rising even higher…

First up were Devon, a team we’d not played before at mixed, but if their open team was anything to go by would be happy to put the disc long. We played them on the small pitch too which made the hucks even more dangerous. We did a decent job of shutting down their big players for periods, but any lapse in concentration and the endzone shot was on and they were happy to take it. It came down to sudden death at 13 all, and as we had seen throughout the game on the shorter pitch any separation deep was enough, they took the shot and with it the game 13-14.

After a short break we came back to face Bristol again. With conditions deteriorating this game was a lot scrappier than the first, with some really long points and lots of back and forth. Happily for us, we seemed to come out on top of most of those points and built a sizable lead that we were able to see out to the end, winning 13-7.

A bit of an unknown team for us in the final game; Sublumni. After a strong Tour 1 they were looking to move up the standings again here and started strong. We were back on the small pitch again, and they used aggressive under cuts to open up the deep space, before taking advantage with a few easy points to take an early lead. We struggled to shut down their big players and gave the disc away too much, while they stayed consistent to take the win 9-13.

All that meant that after our three pool games we’d finished third in the group, had slipped from 10th to 13th, and we’d start Sunday playing for 13th by defending it against BAM!

A cold and windy game to start on Sunday morning and as you’d expect the game was pretty disjointed to begin with. They were almost exclusively playing zone on D and initially we really struggled to make much ground. As we grew into the game we were handling the zone better and were also getting plenty of turns if we did give it away. However, we wasted numerous opportunities to score when we had worked it all the way to their endzone line, and in the end it came back to bite us as we went to sudden death. They kept the disc for what felt like forever despite our defensive pressure and eventually squeezed in an up the line shot to win the game (9-10) and take our 13th seed.

That meant that the highest we could finish was now 17th and we were determined to go and take it, we were straight back on against Manchester – another team that we had played at MT1. This Manchester team had a bit of a different look to it than in Cardiff though and they took an early lead. A time out to recover and gather ourselves and we started to find our groove with our long game starting to click well. We had built a decent lead as time began to wind down and we started to take our foot off the pedal, a few strong words later and we managed to close out the game before it got too tight, 13-11.

And so the final game for 17th against Guildford, a team we haven’t played much at all a bit of a new challenge. The first few points were really hard fought with lots of bids and good plays coming out. However, once we got a foothold in the game we started getting turnovers and making the most of them with some clinical scores. Towards the end we kept our legs going and closed out the game 12-8 to take 17th.

While 17th was not really what we were hoping for at the beginning of the weekend, we finished strong to round out another great weekend of Frisbee. Bring on MT3!

Birmingham Ultimate