Open Tour 2016 in Numbers

0 — Games won on a Saturday. You read that right, we didn’t win a single game on a Saturday at Tour this year – losing all 10. Shame!

2 — Games lost on a Sunday. After struggling with some tough groups on Saturday, we generally bounced back on Sundays, only losing two games on the second day all Tour season.

3 — Single weekend rematches. At each of the three tour events, we played a team twice (KaPow at Tour 1, Fire 2 at Tour 2 and JR at Tour 3). And each time, we lost the first game on Saturday before winning the rematch on Sunday.

4 — Sudden death games. We won 3 (against KaPow at Tour 1, Cambridge at Tour 2 and JR at Tour 3), and lost one (against Fire 2 at Tour 2).

6-2 — Record on Sunday. We only lost two, and won the other 6 games we played on Sundays to (just about) do enough to avoid relegation all season.

9.3 — Average points scored per game. We scored 168 points over 18 games… but we conceeded 222, at an average of 12.3/game – good for a total goal difference of -54.

12.25 — Our spirit score at Open Tour 1. Enough to win us the spirit trophy, by all accounts we had a very spirited weekend, as explained by the UKU here.

14-6 — Biggest win. Our biggest win of the season was against Fire 2 at Tour2. After being beaten by them in sudden death the day before, we were eager to get some revenge.

15-2 — Biggest defeat. Our biggest loss of the Tour season came against KaPow at Tour 3. After we relegated them at Tour 1, they were not hanging around when they got the chance to play us again.

15-8 — Score against the GB Open D line. In our first game of the year, we matched up against GB, and managed a respectable scoreline (certainly better than 15-4 last year!). This actually turned out to be their closest pool game!

61Points scored at OT1. Our highest points haul of the season came at the first outing. We then went on to score 49 at Tour 2 and 58 at Tour 3.

405 — Overall rankings points. That puts us in 11th place overall after finishing 8th last year.

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