Stats – Mixed Tour 2017

With Open Tour just around the corner, there’s just enough time to look back at the numbers from Mixed Tour…

-8 – Goal difference at Mixed Tour 3. This was by far our worst; both MT1 and MT2 were over +30!

0 – We had zero sudden death games this Mixed season. #nodrama

0 – Overall seed change due to game results. We climbed 4 places at MT1, lost three again at Tour 2 and then lost another spot at MT3 to end up back where we started (if not for the dropouts above us). In reality we started Tour 1 seeded in 21st and ended Tour 3 in 14th place.

2-4 – Win-Loss record at Tour 3. Again, this was the worst of the three; we lost 4 games over the weekend, which brought our grand total to…

5 – Losses over the Mixed Tour season. We had those 4 at Mixed Tour 3, but had only lost one game prior to that! Two of these loses were against GB U24 teams.

6-0 – Win-Loss record at Tour 1. Yep, we didn’t lose a game but only climbed 4 places. At Tour 2 we went 5-1 but dropped three… then somehow we only lost one place at Tour 3 despite going 2-4. Scheduling, eh!?

11.07 – Average spirit score over the three events. At Tour 1 we won spirit with a score of 12.00, Tour 2 we got 11.20 and at Tour 3 received our lowest score(!) of 10.00.

11.44 – Average goals per game. Over the three weekends we scored at an average of 11.44 goals per game and conceded at a rate of 8.16 goals/game.

13 – Wins across Mixed Tour. 18 games played, 13 games won, not bad.

13-7 – Biggest loss. This came in our first game at Tour 3 against TBC. Although the game in which we scored the fewest points was actually the last game of the season which finished 6-10 against Brighton Breezy.

15-4 – Biggest win. This was the second game at Tour 2 against St. Albans. We did also have a win of 14-4 at MT1 against Reading 2.

+36 – Goal difference at Tour 1. Our highest of the three although at Tour 2 we weren’t far behind with +31. Our overall GD was +59.

56 – Points conceded at MT3. Unsurprisingly this was the highest of the three; we let in 47 at Tour 2 and 44 at MT1.

206 – Total points scored over all three weekends. 80 of them came at MT1, 78 at Tour 2 and just 48 at Tour 3. We conceded a total of 147.

390 – Rankings points won. Just about better than last year when we got 383! 390 this year was enough to put us in 9th overall – one place up on last year. Although a couple of the teams who only played two events were breathing down our necks…

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