Open Tour 2017 by the Numbers

-6 – Goal difference at Tour 1. Our worst of the season by a distance, thanks mostly to an absolute battering from the Ireland U24s.

-4 – Seed change during season. We gained 2 spots at Tour 1, gave them both back at Tour 2 and then lost another 4 at the final event, despite only losing one game.

1 – Sudden death game. Yep, just the one sudden death game this year; it was the final game at OT2 in Cardiff against Cloud City. Annoyingly it finished 14-15 to them.

3-3 – Our record at OT1 and 2. We won 3 and lost 3 at both of the first two Open tour events this year.

3-15 – Biggest loss. This was the aforementioned battering from the Irish at Tour 1.

5 – Wins at OT3. We lost our cross up at Tour 3, but we took care of business to finish as high as we could afterwards.

8.83 – Our spirit score at Tour 3, by far our lowest of the year. At both of the other events our score was above 10.

9.33 – Goals per game at Tour 1. Our lowest production rate of the season, at both the other events we were scoring an average of at least 13 points a game…

11-7 – Overall win-loss record for the season.

14.16 – Goals per game at Tour 3. We won 5 games and lost 1, scoring 85 times at an average of over 14 goals per game! Tour 3 was also the only event we conceded an average of less than 10 points per game.

15-5 – Biggest win. And we managed it twice, at Tour 2 against Bristol 2 and at OT3 against JR.

20 or 21 – Our finishing position at all three events. At both OT1 and 3 we finished 5th in B Tour (=21st overall), but at Tour 2 we managed one better and came 4th in B (20th).

39 – Overall goal difference. After a slow start at Tour 1, we fought our way back at both OT2 (+14) and 3 (+31) to finish at +39 for the season.

222 – Total goals scored. Across the three weekends we scored 222 and conceded 183. Our best weekend was at Tour 3 when we scored 85, and our worst was at Tour 2 when we had 67 scored against us. And oddly enough, we conceded exactly 222 points last year!

260 – Ranking points scored this year. That was good for 17th overall.

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