Mixed Tour Stats 2018


Here’s some numbers to illustrate an incredible Mixed Tour season!

-4 — Our seeding change at Mixed Tour 1. We came out the wrong side of a three way tie in the pool and never recovered, falling 4 spots over the weekend to finish 13th.

1 — We only had one game go to sudden death this season. At MT3 against Deep Space we reached 10-10 in a game to 11. Despite starting on D we got the turn and took the game.

1 — And we had a draw this season! At MT2 this year there was a single possession cap system and in our game vs Guildford the hooter went at 8-8. The single possession came to nothing so we both had to settle for a tie…

3 — Talking of Guildford, we played them once at each of the three tours. All three were close games, as shown by the draw above, but we managed to win the other two (10-7 at MT1 and 13-10 at Tour 3).

+5 — Our seeding change at Mixed Tour 2. After falling 4 spaces at the first event, we made amends by climbing 5 spaces at MT2, finishing in 7th. This marked the first time that the club had finished in the top 8 at Mixed Tour!

6th — Our finishing position at Tour 3. After breaking into the top 8 at Tour 2 but being seeded in 9th for Tour 3, we came to the final event and went one better again; finishing in 6th.

6 — We lost a total of 6 games this season; 3 at Tour 1, only 1 at MT2 and 2 at the final event. Of those six defeats, 3 came against teams (or parts of teams) that are going to WUCC this year!

8-13 — Our biggest loss of the season. It came against SMOKE at Mixed Tour 1 in Cardiff, in our first game of the year. The only way is up from there, right?

8.74 — Our average goals against per game for the season. We had a particularly good defensive weekend in Durham (MT2), limiting our opposition to an average of 6.00 goals/game.

9.94 — Our average spirit score over the three events.

11.83 — We scored an average of 11.83 goals a game at Tour 3 in Cheltenham, and we hit double figures in every game! At the other two events our scoring rate was slightly lower (11.00 at MT2 and 11.14 at MT1).

13-3 — Our biggest win. Or should we say wins, because it happened twice. Both at the same event. Against Thundering Herd 2 and Flyght Club we took decisive 13-3 wins at Mixed Tour 2.

+30 — Our goal difference at Tour 2. Those two big wins helped us to our best GD of the season to go with +8 at Mixed tour 1 and +11 at Mixed Tour 3, for an overall goal difference of +49.

36 — Points conceded at MT2 in 6 games. We gave away 166 points in total over the three weekends, but at MT2 we inflated our goal differential with really stingy defence.

215 — Points scored across the three events. There were only three games we failed to reach double figures (vs SMOKE at MT1; vs Guildford and vs MIST at MT2).

497 — Total ranking points this year. Enough to earn us 5th overall! Our best ever result, and beating last years total by 107 points!

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