Birmingham Ultimate is fully affiliated to the UKU and have gone through all the procedures to make this official. The documents associated with this are all available upon request – if you would like any more information about anything please get in touch.

The Club is run by the committee members that are elected annually at the AGM. The current committee is as follows:

President: Mat Seabrook
Vice President: Liam Pitt
Treasurer: Carl Bullingham
Social Media Secs: Ash Turner & Nick Lawson
Outreach Sec: Ophelia Byrne
Social Sec: Nick Lawson
UBU/BU Liason: Stephen Baylis

Open Captain:
Women’s Captain:
Spirit Captain: Luca Love
Coaching Team: Matt Shore, Ophelia Byrne, Mel Zehnder, Ash Turner & Nick Lawson

The slides from our latest AGM (Sep 2019) and the minutes from our latest AGM (Sep 2019) are available here.


Also at our AGM every year, we have a few awards that are given out – here are the previous winners of these prestigious titles:

Year Best/Worst/Stoopidest Injury Best Pre-Tournament Haircut Best Layout(s) Best Social Performance The Mesh Award
2019 Ophelia Byrne Ellie Payne Liam Pitt Ben Kings
2018 Tom Hartland Ben Kings Luca Love Mat Seabrook
2017 Matt Shore Liam Pitt Nick Fine
2016 Daragh King Luke Attwell Will Collier
2015 Marius Hutcheson Ed Simpson Jassy Drakulic Emma Hayward
2014 Dan Jackman Marius Hutcheson Ro Pullen Mat Seabrook
2013 Jack O’Mahony


We also honour our elite; the most committed members of the club. Each year we admit a few of members to what is now affectionately known as the #dench Club:

Class of 2019
Stephen Baylis
Ben Kings

Class of 2018
Nick Fine
Rebecca Bullingham
Carl Bullingham

Class of 2017
Ro Pullen
Marius Hutcheson

Class of 2016
Luke Attwell
Ste Prosser

Class of 2015
Emma Hayward
Steve Gillman
Will Collier